Sunday, April 19, 2009


Let us talk about movies for this first post. I think once you have read this you will know where this blog is leading.

Movie 1: The Matrix. If you have not seen this movie you should. You will learn from this movie if you have swallowed the blue pill or the red pill. Do you live in a fantasy world or do you see reality?

Movie 2: Braveheart. Another move that should be seen by all so one can understand the burning question, are you a William Wallas or a Noble?

Movie 3: Patriot. This movie will help you understand what price was paid for you to choose as you do.

Depending on what you have learned from the first three movies, possible future outcomes of a wrong choice.

Movie 4: Minority Report. Think this can't happen?
Movie 5: Schindler's List. Think it can't happen again, it is happening!

I am amazed at what we can learn from real movies if we will only see what the maker is trying to tell us.

Movie 6: America Freedom to Fascism. We are living this one, bet you have not seen it.

So are you part of the problem? OR Are you part of the solution?

Note: All comments will be monitored, no flaming allowed. You don't have to agree, it is your right to express your opinion, I am expressing mine........IT IS MY RIGHT.

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Candi said...

Gail this is going to be great:) I love where you're going with it. Keep it up.