Monday, April 20, 2009

Why is this Happening in the United States of America

Why are these "agents" doing this to American citizens????

If this does not piss you off................NOTHING WILL!!!!!!!!!

Do you think this is an isolated incident, THINK AGAIN.

AND DON'T GIVE ME...............He must have done something wrong....NO HE DID NOT!

Oh he should have just corperated.................NO AND HELL NO

Let me share a story with you. First I am not as brave as Pastor Anderson, you will see I was part of the growing problem 3 years ago.

We (DH & I) were coming back to Ca. from Wy. for a load of furniture during our move. It happened to be hunting season, we go through the Ca. border check on the I15 just out of Barstow. We were hauling a large trailer and there was mud on the truck. So we stop and are asked if we had a good trip, well of course we said yes, cause it had been uneventfull. All of a sudden we are instructed to pull over to the check area. Huh?????? Next this game and fish agent wants to see in the back of our trailer. Why? "Well, you said you had been hunting" "No, I did not say that, I was not hunting, I said we had a good trip, we are moving." So they automaticly decided because we said we had a good trip that we got a deer. Never tried to carify that we had been hunting. At this point they did not care to hear our words, they just wanted to see in the trailer. In front of us ATF agents are rifling through a guys rifles (why?, what are they doing going through his rifles?). Why are there ATF agents at a produce check point?????? Now Kirk, was going to tell them no, but I freeked (knowing we had a gun under the seat) told him to let them see, so he let them see our empty trailer and toilet (sawdust) that was in the back. As one of the blank-blanks walked past our ice chest he opened and looked in.

WHAT IF WE HAD SAID NO.......we would have gone through the same type of thing.............this was 3 years ago.........think how more brazin they have become. The video of this pastors experience is an example. I am ashamed to say, I gave into the fear.

My hat is off to Pastor Anderson, thank you for making a stand. Our prayers are with you. You are the kind of Pastor we need, the kind of American we need and the kind of man we need. I pray God will give me the same kind of strength He has given you.

Think this can't happen to YOU..........think again.

When will we take a stand? When will we say no more? When will we stop listening to paid talking heads that keep trying to tell us.....write letters, go through the courts.....ya da, ya da, ya da....


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Susan said...

Excellent thinking about this video. I was mortified that it happened in Arizona, but not entirely surprised. The important thing is that he didn't do anything wrong. He claimed his Constitutional right, that's all.

Many will say, "If he didn't have anything to hide, then ---" That's the big mistake. It isn't about having something or not having something to hide. It's about the right not to submit to unlawful search and seizure. It's about not living in a police state! But more and more we see things like this that make us wonder. Maybe we are living in a police state.